Insulation (3)

Installed insulation on the floor. It’s also from Lowes, but it’s a different type than the peel-n-seal that I used on the roof.

I used 3M spray adhesive to glue it down. You spray both surfaces, let it get tacky for about 30 seconds, then apply. Then you use a metallic seam tape to seal up the seams.

This is like bubble wrap encased in a metallic wrapper. I think it’s “proper” use is on water heaters. It’s very good at sound and heat insulation….probably better than the stuff I used on the roof, but this won’t stay stuck to the roof.




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Insulation (2)

Finished the insulation in the roof of my tudor.
I painted first with some Rustoleum Almond Gloss that I already had, then I used Peel-n-Seal from Lowes (I swear the stuff is just like Dynamat) and taped the seams with the sealant tape.
My son and I took it for a drive and the change was very noticeable.

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Insulation (1)

Nasty job today that I’ve been avoiding.
I scraped the “tar-paper-like” stuff off the roof of my tudor and painted it with phosphoric acid to kill the surface rust. Next I’ll paint it with black rustoleum and finally add a layer of Peel-N-Seal.

The tar paper removal and acid portion is done….that was the terrible part. The painting and insulation will be enjoyable.

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Radio Delete

I’m sending my original 6v radio out to be converted to 12v and have an aux jack installed.

While it’s out, I’ll be sporting this radio delete plate.

It fits the spartan Mainline theme of the car.

2016.06.04 Radio Delete

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Added an outside rear view mirror over the weekend.

Got this one from Dennis Carpenter. It’s high quality and has the Ford script on it.

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Leaking Axle

The gear set I installed prior to my Fredericksburg trip started leaking out of the pinion oil seal after I got back. That should an easy fix…hopefully it’s just a matter of removing the driveshaft and replacing the seal.


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Back To It

After thrashing on my car to get it ready for the road trip to Fredericksburg from Conroe (5 hours each way), I took a break from any major repairs and have simply been driving it for the last few weeks.

Now it’s time to jump back in and continue to improve the car and work out more small issues.

First up is getting my fuel gauge back in working order. And, in the process, I’d like to make the original gauge work instead of the under-the-dash gauge that I currently have.

I ordered a Runtz voltage reducer and will install it as soon as it arrives.

After that, I’ll get the turn signals and horn working.

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